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A Message to my Students

  1. Please schedule free time over weeknights/weekends for homework instead of putting off until the last day.
  2. Remember to study in advance relevant examples in textbook before your homework.
  3. Try another room or a quiet corner, keeping away from TV, computer screen or bed; or stay in the library right after school if you cannot concentrate at home.
  4. Steps should never be skipped in homework. Correct it by yourself given the answers attached. Search for any mistakes carefully.
  5. Do not erase careless mistakes. Circle and correct them with color pens since they suggest blind spots of an individual.
  6. A G10 student ought to spend 6 hours weekly at least doing math alone, G-12 student about 9 hours a week at least.
  7. Never study math in distraction. You have to turn off things such as music, computer, or cellular.
  8. The majority of students can not really think a couple of days before major tests since they worry about its consequence. Attempting hard questions therefore is a bad idea. They should instead review fundamental concepts, general forms, and key points.

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